Hi! We’re Lucy and Johan, a pair of likeminded Northerners from opposite sides of the country who found each other next to a lake in Cumbria, and this is The Adventure Emporium, a blog for those who like adventures and gear.

Our blog features events, adventure sports, photography, gear reviews, articles and updates from our adventures in the great outdoors.

Lucy is currently working as a PA to a Professor at Newcastle University.

Johan is busy studying for a PHD at Newcastle University in Physics and Materials Science.

We hope you find our adventures and experiences inspirational!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Care to shine a light on decent head torches? Thanks. Ronnie Ps – just picked up an OMM phantom hoodie for £63. Bargain! Thanks for your review.


    1. Hi Ronnie, apologies for the slow reply. Nice one with the Phantom Hoodie – small word of warning, and I really need to add this to the end of the review; if you get very sweaty, and you’ve got skin contacting the inside of the hoodie, it seems you can draw water through from the outside with some rather unwanted side effects. Having said that, whenever I’ve used the hoodie in colder conditions with a fleece between me and the hoodie, I’ve had no problems. The main issue seems to be excess condensation on the inside of the hoodie.

      To answer your head torch question – my torch of choice is the Petzl Myo. I’ve also used the Petzl Nao and various Tikkas, and found the Myo to be the best compromise between beam power and battery life.

      Thanks for the question, and I’ll try and write a more comprehensive article shortly.



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